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3Strands is a real estate developer advancing creative ways to build better homes for everyone’s benefit. 


We partner with thought-leaders in architecture, technology, and construction to drive innovation beyond conventional real estate development. The issue of housing is complicated and the present paradigm is littered with obstacles for change, yet we’re committed to finding new ways to streamline processes and improve efficiency. 


We aspire for a future where housing is more affordable because it’s built smarter, simpler, more efficiently.


We're on a journey to new housing with a big vision and it all starts with America's first 3D-printed homes for sale.



Emerging Technology

Construction methods haven't experienced substantial change for hundreds of years. We strive to incorporate and embrace emerging technologies to build better. 

Architectural Intelligence

Deploying emerging construction methods requires meticulous study to understand its impact and ensure compliance with local codes and regulations. 

Reimagining Design

New technologies have changed the narrative on what's possible with design and how to increase housing density in a world desperate for more livable and affordable options. 



3Strands is partnering with deep thinkers to push forward tangible solutions for what is possible in new home construction. 

NEW DEVELOPMENT: East 17th Street Residences. The country's first 3D-printed homes for sale.


By Casey Claiborne | Fox 7 Austin




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