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East 17th St Residences |  Austin, TX 

3Strands is proud to partner with ICON to build the first market rate 3D-printed housing development in the United States

Located in the heart of the East Austin community, this 3Strands neighborhood consists of four unique homes sustainably built in collaboration with technology firm ICONs proprietary material designed to last longer than traditional building materials. 

“We want to change the way we build, own and how we live in community together,” says Gary O’Dell, Co-founder and CEO. “This project represents a big step forward, pushing the boundaries of new technologies, such as 3D-printed homes.”

The one-of-a-kind homes designed by Logan Architecture are the latest homebuilding project using ICON’s proprietary 3D printing technology to deliver sustainable, resilient and beautiful housing. ICON has built two dozen 3D-printed homes across central Texas and in Mexico and this marks the first mainstream housing project for the startup.

Nestled in the fast-growing East Austin neighborhood, the homes feature large covered front porches, extensive front yards, covered parking, open concept floor plans, bespoke interior design, vaulted master bedrooms, large North-facing windows, high performance HVAC, secluded office/bedrooms, and minimalist architectural aesthetic.


The first floor of these highly energy efficient homes were built with ICON’s 3D printing construction technology using resilient material that is stronger and longer-lasting than traditional building materials. 3D printing technology provides safer, more resilient homes that are designed to withstand fire, flood, wind and other natural disasters better than conventionally built homes and that can be built in a matter of weeks.


3Strands prioritized architectural and interior design to demonstrate that this new approach could be as beautiful as it is innovative, relying on the design team of Logan Architecture and Claire Zinnecker Design. The interior finishes are a modernized West Texas design with a simplified palette featuring natural woods, similar metal finishes and earthy tile colors.


You can now spend a night in a historic home by visiting the East ATX Retreat -- click here to book your stay! 


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