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Lykins Neighborhood | Kansas City

3Strands is partnering with COBUILD & Emerging Builders in the Kansas City Metro area on an innovative new home building synergy. 


COBUILD is a social enterprises based in Kansas City dedicated to creating beautiful spaces by building at the intersection of affordable housing and job training. COBUILD partners with Emerging Builders, a nonprofit focused on creating opportunities for women, black and other people of color in the construction trades. 


Emerging Builders aims to train underrepresented populations within the construction trade so they can enter the workforce with the skills and training necessary to succeed. Cobuild’s general contracting business serves as a real-world training ground for Emerging Builder’s cohorts of students to get real-life experience. 


Ryan Lee completed the Emerging Builders program in September 2020. Ryan and his sister have started building a business together where they acquire property, renovate and sell as affordable housing. 

3Strands exists to cultivate innovation and inclusion. We’re thrilled to be able to collaborate with COBUILD and Emerging Builders on a new residential development in the KC Metro Area. 

We'll be announcing more details about our partnership later in 2021. 


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